Shooshie Sulaiman


Khatulistiwa 2017 water and soil from Yokohama, matcha, pencil, watercolor on paper h. 26.0 x w. 36.0 cm ©︎Shooshie Sulaiman

Born in Malaysia in 1973, Shooshie Sulaiman is currently recognized as one of the most important contemporary artists of Southeast Asia. Of both Malay and Chinese origin, the history of Southeast Asia, the culture of her homeland of Malaysia, as well as her personal memories and her own identity, serve as significant themes within her work. An almost mystical air permeates Sulaiman’s oeuvre, with works produced through diverse approaches such as drawings, collages, installations, and performances that at times appropriate natural elements from trees, soil, to water that are native to the land. Through them, the works inform viewers of the complex and inextricably connected relationship between human beings, nature, and art.

This exhibition features a selection of drawing works by the artist. Along with her drawing series exhibited at the Yokohama Triennale 2017 “Islands, Constellations & Galapagos” (Yokohama Museum of Art and others, 2017), drawn using the soil and water of Yokohama and which were based on mythical tales the artist herself had created, the exhibition showcases the “Versailles Series” that depict floating images of the Palace of Versailles as its motif.

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