Mika Ninagawa “earthly flowers, heavenly colors” 7F Shin-marunouchi Building, (marunouchi)HOUSE March 27– May 14

Mika Ninagawa / “earthly flowers, heavenly colors”
March 27– May 14, 2017
7F Shin-marunouchi Building, (marunouchi)HOUSE
Free Admission

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Born in Tokyo, Mika Ninagawa is a photographer and a director. She has been awarded numerous prizes including the Grand Prize at 7th Photography Hitotsuboten, the Excellence Award at 13th New Cosmos of Photography by Canon, the Encouragement Award at the 9th Konica Award, the 26th Kimura Ihei Photography Award, and the Ohara Museum Award at VOCA 2006. She has published almost 90 photography books to date. Her large retrospective exhibition “Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors” opened at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in November 2008 and toured four major museums in Japan, recording as many as 180,000 visitors. She directed the film Sakuran (2007), which was highly acclaimed internationally and screened at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival and the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival. In 2012, she directed her second film Helter Skelter, and received the Silver Prize at The Kaneto Shindo Award. In 2014 she was appointed as an executive board member of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020, by virtue of her experiences and insights in arts and culture. Ninagawa’s solo exhibition at Taipei MOCA from March 19 – May 8, 2016, earned great popularity and marked a new record with approximately 130,000 visitors.

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