Satoshi Hirose

il giardino dei sensi

Installation view from “il giardino dei sensi” at Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2008 ©Satoshi Hirose photo by Kei Okano


Satoshi Hirose makes an installation that appeals to all our senses; to touch, to taste, to smell as well as to see, using materials that are in our daily life. Perhaps it was only natural that his concept, that a work should be a place where multiple cultures, old and new, rhythmically cross sprung up because he had lived in Milan for over 15 years. In order to feel the eternal universe within our daily lives, Hirose endeavors to making many trials. In the “Casa” series, he made portable housing for aroma using bees wax, spice, and orange that appeal to our sense of smell. In his series of “Journey”, a theme that’s shared also by all his works, there is “Viaggio”, a series of photographs of the sky that he took as a traveler himself as he visited and passed on the globe by airplane. We the spectators are made aware that we ourselves live day to day as our body’s functions detect the complex signals.


The exhibition title “il giardino dei sensi” derives from the novel of Italian novelist Mario Praz. A comprehensive installation will be shown, including “Untitled (Cosmology of the Beans)” a tableau using beans and wax, a sculptural work made of marble filled with water in which cineraria flowers float, and the same series of work that was also shown at The Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum “Casa del albero di Arancia(House of Orange Tre)”, and drawings.