Midori Sato

“Fascinated Times”

Pink closet 2013 acrylic on canvas 194.0 × 194.0 cm ©Midori Sato

Midori Sato was born in 1984 in Aichi, Japan. She currently lives and works in Nagoya, Japan.
A closet packed full of colorful dresses, an array of high-heeled shoes on shelves, vividly colored flowers:Midori Sato shows us things that every woman yearns to see. Yet if we turn our attention to the details of her work, bold brushstrokes and an intentionally uneven paint coating tinge her subject matter with the contours of abstraction. This abstraction demonstrates the force of the power that draws the viewer into the picture plane.
Sato presented her work at “VOCA 2013” at the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, and received the Judge’s Prize of the Ohara Museum of Art. The work that received this prize became a part of the collection of Ohara Museum of Art in Okayama and was exhibited at “Ohara Contemporary” this year.
The exhibition will present new works created during her stay in London. Sato’s treasure-like works will captivate the viewers’ attention and enhance their pleasure.