Flowers 2012 oil on canvas 227.3 × 181.8 cm ©Daisuke Fukunaga


Daisuke Fukunaga paints left behind places and forgotten things around us which we are unaware of, such as the shabby field, the basement of the building under construction without electricity, cleaning tools such as worn-out mops, tires, hose coiling on the ground and waste. “The situation where the tires and mops are placed gave me an impression of the time skewed and slipped, which seemed very dramatic to me”, said Fukunaga. In his paintings, the general and functional values of those things are casted off and they exist as if they had their own emotions and personalities.
In his solo exhibition “To have something as support” at Tomio Koyama Gallery in 2011, he painted people for the first time. Dynamic works on large canvas of the figures’ personal and fulfilled moments were exhibited, which included the people that lived happily by finding something to count on in their emptiness and indirection, or a person who leads off to the lining wheels (“private orchestra”).With his unique touch, Fukunaga’s painting has a theatrical and strong resonance. Fiction and reality dissolve, and the dense sensation rises, which strongly reside in the painting of Fukunaga, who says “I have to cast my first image into shape”. Sincerely pursuing his words, Fukunaga finishes his paintings that sometimes go beyond it.


Fukunaga states on the works to be showcased at this exhibition as below. “If the world is the stage of the theater, I want to paint the bustle of the things waiting behind the blackout curtain rather than the heroine. I would like to paint the memories and imagination that arise from the encounter of those places and things.”
At this exhibition, 4 or 5 of his new paintings will be on the view. Please enjoy the new works of Fukunaga, who pursues his own locality.

Artist Profile

Daisuke Fukunaga

Objects depicted in Daisuke Fukunaga’s painting are something too ordinary for us to pay attention everyday – places or objects we have forgotten, such as a shabby vacant lot, a dark basement of the construction building without wiring, old cleaning tools like mops, tires, and wastes. With his “representationalism” approach, these objects seem to throw off its functional meanings attached to them and wriggle like animals, as if they had emotions and personalities.
Personified objects against the dramatic backgrounds in Fukunaga’s paintings evoke strongly and theatrically, emphasized by being depicted on large canvases. The senses of endless depth and presence as materials attract viewers.

Fukunaga Daisuke was born in Tokyo, in 1981. He graduated from the oil painting course of Tama Art University in 2004, lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. He has participated in group shows such as “AFTER THE REALITY 2” curated by Hiromi Yoshii (Daichi Projects, New York, 2008), “VOCA Exhibition 2009” (The Ueno Royal Museum), and “The Way of Painting” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 2014). Also as a member of the artist group MIHOKANNO, he participated in group exhibitions “Hello MIHOKANNO” (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo, 2009) and “GOOD NIGHT MIHOKANNO” (Akibatamabi 21, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 2011). He won the first Kinutani Koji Award sponsored by the Mainichi Shimbun in 2009. At Tomio Koyama Gallery, Fukunaga has held solo exhibitions in 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2015.

  • installation view from "Nostalgia" at Tomio Koyama Gallery Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, 2013
  • installation view from "Nostalgia" at Tomio Koyama Gallery Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, 2013
  • installation view from "Nostalgia" at Tomio Koyama Gallery Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, 2013