Nana Funo

“The Fish Glitters As its Scales Tremble”

Neighbor’s Garden 2013 acrylic on canvas 162.0 × 227.5 cm ©Nana Funo


Nana Funo’s paintings are richly filled with motifs of decorative patterns, animals and plants, figures, landscapes and written characters. They are composed with various techniques, graceful drawings of acrylic, repetitive overlaying of gesso or dye, patterns that come into appearance from masking, and the visual effect that embraces richness in layers arouse a curiosity to explore what is illustrated deep inside the paintings. Textures similar to porcelain, textile or sometimes relief can be observed in the works. According to Funo, it is probably her frequent visit to museums where she looks carefully at historical exhibits and objects that keep her being sensitive to diverse matiere and excellent at representing them on canvas. Various elements and materials applied in the history of art making that reflected the spiritual realms and worldviews in the respective time bring inspirations to Funo. At the same time, her own unique languages and matieres showed in her works depict her original worldview formed by personal moments of her emotional side. Funo states that the feelings she has in daily life stimulate her to draw.
She draws down what suddenly comes into her mind on a notebook with the same density as the paintings. Those drawings then become her sources of inspiration and to develop on large canvas.


This exhibition showcases Funo’s latest works, mainly acrylic on canvas with masking techniques. Large-scale paintings with glaze, a new technique that Funo starts to apply lately will be on view, including one piece nearly 6 meters in width. Those large paintings will be accompanied by a spectacular installation composed of 108 pieces sized in 40x40cm paintings. The drawing notebooks, which record Funo’s everyday inspirations, will be featured as well.