Nana Funo

“Imagination on the Grass”

Installation view from “Imagination on the Grass” TKG Editions Kyoto, Japan, 2009 ©Nana Funo


Nana Funo weaves delicate and sensuous motifs into her paintings with unique matiere. “Scab on Flower,” which was exhibited at VOCA (The Vision of Contemporary Art) exhibition at The Ueno Royal Museum this year, embraces a sense of floating as well as quiet grace coming from the multilayered matiere; acrylic, dye, gesso, and acrylic again.
The world of imagination and stories that she used to indulge in her childhood revisits on canvas with the motifs of sometimes nightmare or personal memories with family. The other source of images is her sketchbook, which she draws everyday. The drawings on the book are superb themselves, but they imply unlimited possibilities on canvas.


At TKG Editions Kyoto, approximately 100 small paintings of 20 x 20 cm are exhibited. The motifs are flowers, trees, myths, and travels to the unknown places, etc. Kaleidoscopic images by various mediums fill the exhibition space.