Kishio Suga

“The Existence of “Things” and the Eternity of “Site” ” Exhibition Catalogue


This book, published to coincide with Suga’s major solo exhibition at his hometown Iwate, contains more than 110 works in a wide range of media, including installation, relief, drawing, photography, and activation, reflecting on his artistic practice over the past half-century. In addition to the 2 essays, this book includes a recent interview with the artist.
This book is a comprehensive overview of the work of Kishio Suga, who has fundamentally reexamined the nature of conventional art by taking away preconceived notions and delving into the essence of “things” and “sites” based on his singular philosophy.

【The Existence of “Things” and the Eternity of “Site”】
Size: 257 x 188 mm / 148 pages / Softcover
English & Japanese
Price: JPY 2,400
Texts by Kishio Suga, Akira Tatehata (President, Tama Art University) and Mayumi Hamabuchi (Curator, Iwate Museum of Art)
Date of issue: December 2021
Published by HeHe