Chisato Yamano

“Round the Mind Cruise”

ヨークシャーの滝 Yorkshire Falls 2018 ceramic h.19.0 x w.17.5 x d.14.0 cm  ©︎Chisato Yamano

8/ ART Gallery/ Tomio Koyama Gallery is pleased to present Round the Mind Cruise, a solo exhibition of works by Chisato Yamano. This marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo in four years since 2014.

With her main motifs of animals and plants, Yamano’s ceramic sculptures are filled with imagination expanding from fragments of memories and images, as well as narratives that unfold like wordplay. Often created through spontaneous markings by the artist’s fingers, Yamano’s work gives rise to a unique world where animals and humans live in harmony.

Titled Round the Mind Cruise, the exhibition invites viewers to venture out on a voyage to encounter various sea creatures and structures reminiscent of boat-like vessels, and further embrace the world of Yamano’s work that permeates with a playful and underlying sense of humor.