Shintaro Miyake


SWEET SUMMER, color pencil, pencil on cardboard on wood, 54.0×71.4×0.5cm ©Shintaro Miyake


Shintaro Miyake was born in 1970 in Tokyo. He graduated from Tama Art University and lives and works in Tokyo.
Miyake draw his favorite cute girls on large size paper while wearing a hand made costume.  The character named “Miss Sweet” has a huge face and slim body;she is always posing sometimes cute, sometimes sexy with swinging hips.
This “Miss sweet” that Miyake draws sometimes on paper without a background or just with a group of Miss Sweets, or it is existed in a scene which is nostalgic. The artist wears the costume of the character flying out from the picture of his imaginary pictorial world communicating more with the audience. Miyake says “To wear the character costume is expression of making portrait of myself. I feel something missing just showing a completed work”. Miyake is always having a power for creating idealized cute girls. The idea of wearing a costume was created to keep a moderate distance between the artist and audience and at the same time to communicate more closely with the audience. The artist’s audience witnesses a character drawing, not the artist himself.
Miyake has also been doing some live painting performance. Miyake performed in the “emotional site” exhibition at the Saga-cho Shokuryou building in 2002, Miyake performed like a Kabuki Star in front of front of an audience of 1000 with the artificail paper snowstorm and made 10 meter drawing. Also during in this exhibition, he created a 15 meters huge drawing.


This exhibition entitled “SWEET SUMMER” will be his first solo exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery. We will exhibit a drawing about 5 meters and wooden cut out figures. The exhibition will be in the summer season so “Miss Sweet” will be in the bloom of summer. “Miss Sweet” will developing a summer styled school swim suit and summer features of fire works or bathing.
Miyake will also be creating drawing while in the costume during the exhibition.