Group Exhibition “Hit Parade II” Yoseido Gallery,Tokyo

得体の知れない親しい存在(2018年.3月.土曜日)2018 pencil, water color, ink, Japanese paper on canvas mounted on wood panel 30.0 x 30.0 cm ©Yuko Someya

Yuko Someya / Group Exhibition “Hit Parade Ⅱ”
February 3-15, 2020
Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Artist Profile

Yuko Someya

Yuko Someya was born in 1980 in Chiba. She completed her Master’s degree in printmaking at Tokyo University of Arts, the Department of Art, in 2006. She received awards for her work at Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo in 2004 and her works are now part of the museum collection. “I move my pencil as if I was spelling a word,” Someya says of her works, intricately drawing and coloring motifs such as flowers, birds, plants, and animals. The paintings often embrace generous blank spaces in which the motifs are given the sense of floating, releasing strong brightness as if to invite the viewers into the stories, and to continue them. Her specialized method using ink and distinctive transparency in color and texture created by layered washi paper are also attractive.