Tomoko Nagai

“The Hairy House in Midsummer”

フルーツポンチ Fruit Punch 2015 watercolor, acrylic, pencil, color pencil, ink, glitter and collage on panel 53.0 × 73.0 cm ©︎Tomoko Nagai

In Tomoko Nagai’s works, various motifs - animals such as bears, cats, and horses; young girls and imaginary figures; and trees and mushrooms - are scattered against backgrounds of forest or rooms which look precisely as if they were theater sets. In all of her works there is a characteristic sense of fulfilment, as if expressing a condensed form of our world. Nagai does not draw before painting, and she uses different media depending on the subject: oil, acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, and pastel, as well as sculptures and installations. This results in various matiere and levels of intensity that seem to each become elements and rhythms, together constituting one music. Nagai’s works do not carry any specific narratives. By feeling this music, we somehow enter unawares into her world of stories.
Entitled “The Hairy House in Midsummer”, this exhibition will turn the exhibition space into a room where the artist creates an installation with paintings and drawings in various sizes.