Tomoko Nagai

“Winter Wind and Konko”

まちわびるまちわびる Waiting and waiting 2010 oil, glitter on canvas 130.2 × 162.2 cm ©︎Tomoko Nagai

In Tomoko Nagai’s works, various motifs―animals such as bears, cats, and horses, young girls and imaginary figures, and trees and mushrooms — are scattered around with the backgrounds of forest or rooms as if they were theater settings. Each work, Nagai states, captures a scene from one grand imaginary world filled with innumerable images that she would never finish painting. All of her works embrace a sense of contentment and seem to address a condensed world. They also share a unique sense of space.
Nagai believes that work is result of coincidence and spontaneity. She does not draw before painting, as she would be satisfied if the drawing succeeds. She employs different medium depending on the subject; oil, acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, and pastel. She also creates installations using different materials. This results in various matiere and levels of intensity that seem to become each element and rhythm constituting one music. Nagai’s works do not carry any specific narratives. By feeling this music, however, we would realize that we enter inside of her world of stories.

This exhibition will be on view at 2 spaces in the same building; Tomio Koyama Gallery Kyoto (2F) and TKG Editions Kyoto (1F). The season is winter, the place is somewhere far, long time ago. White bears, weasels, young deers, and young girls will appear. There will be a scene where these characters show up lively, and also a quiet scene where only the sound of snow seems to be heard. The exhibition will feature not only paintings, but wall paintings and installations, inviting a viewer to proceed inside of the stories while viewing the exhibition. (note: The word “konko” in the exhibition title is Japanese onomatopoeia that suggests the sound of snow. )