Tomoko Nagai

“A child and an owl and a gray cat sparkling on Sunday”

きいろい子 gold child 2008 oil, acrylic on canvas 72.8 × 60.5 cm ©Tomoko Nagai

Tomoko Nagai depicts the magnificent narrative world with abundant motifs that could be said as the eternal girlishness. All the animals, bears, cats, sheeps, horses and young girls along with strange imaginary animals, and colorful trees and mushrooms scatter around like a toy box turned upside down, onto a theatrical stage with classical ballet theater-like backdrop. The artist’s imagination expands forever and ever, from the decorative interior that resembles one that the artist herself used to daydream in her adolescence playing with dolls, to dark forest that we often see in fairy tales, to outer space. Nagai seems to ardently create the one and only “doll’s house” for her, since she not only paints on flat surfaces but also challenges herself to making installation works.
She is patiently waiting for us spectators to open the door and enter her dramatically and freely directed cosmos, placing props like a fake fur, shining chandelier, stuffed animals, beautiful mirror, playing cards and world map.


In this first solo show by the artist at Tomio Koyama Gallery, we will be showing 10 large scale paintings and many small paintings and drawings. There will also be various doll houses on display that seems to have been popped out of the artistic world of hers, and drawings in decorative photo frames that are usually used to display family portraits, and installation of miniature dolls. Please come see them on this occasion.