Solo Exhibition

installation view at Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, 2006


Drawings are drawn with watercolor paint and very delicate miniature. The most of images are mindscapes in a mysterious forest. In her drawing, the animal of horse and the cat are hide in among the trees. Forming the forest consists of ranging of an innumerable point and a short curve. A vivid arrangement of color is buries and carries out the entire screen like her obsession.
A bold composition is to sink of melted pigment and dots it first thinly along the shape afterwards. This is the one by technique of the fine adjustment mechanical operation. The combination of small similar figures is distributed to flow of dynamic curve which is seen in the textile in the South Seas such as Java Calico and Indian paisley. This pattern seems to project a mental distortion.
Animals that sink between groves and are throwing glance on us quietly while hiding their bodies. In the artist’s childhood, “I had been following the dog and the cat as surrogate parent and brother.” Her work might come from original scenery in her childhood.


Yoshino Matsui said,

“The image of the pattern had come out suddenly when I was in a high school. I painted in oils for the college entrance examination and began to bury the blank part by the pattern and it did not stop. Few years later, it settled down soon in shape to invade an original style of painting. I have been having luck of sense of reality from my childhood. I was often assailed by the sense that surrounding besides me. I think I tried to understand the world in the own way by repeating the pattern.”


Artist Profile

Yoshino Masui

1976 Born in Shizuoka, Japan
1999 B.F.A., Tama Art University, Tokyo
2004 Scouted by Tomio Koyama at GEISAI #6