Masako Ando

Solo Exhibition

Installation view at Tomio Koyama Gallery, 2004 ©Masako Ando


Her paintings are full of boys and girls with their lovely round eyes, birds and butterflies are floating around, and all the flowers seem to represent the lyricism. Surface of the canvas looks dainty piece of china which the artist polished it with sandpaper for many times. Astonishingly daintiness of lines and glossy paint colours takes us to the mellowness of the world. The world of her paiting is about lost and to gain, tranquility and intensiveness, eatable and uneatable, happiness and sorrow, and death and to live. Painting itself has got all these elements and the artist tries to make these things for positive ways.


There are two drawings and two paintings in this exhibition. “Where Have All Flowers Gone?” this is the artist did careful drawing at first and then challenges for paiting based on its drawing. “the Fire” is the drawing based work.
“In Spring” is a pair work. This exhibition is the debut of her latest works.
We hope to see you at project room : Tomio Koyama Gallery.