Diego Singh

“Yes No Thank You”

Yes, 2010-2015  ©Diego Singh

Diego Singh’s works address the notion of decentralization while considering conflict and self-policing through negation. In his Denim series, started in 2006, previously–exhibited paintings are turned into a trompe l’oeil of denim, sporting seams, rips and holes meticulously painted over thin veils of blue, black or white pigment that allow, as denim does, for what lies behind it to partially come through. It is as if the artist is constantly saying, ‘Yes No Thank You’, and perhaps, by showing a body of work while denying it, another physicality emerges. These paintings’ no-end-game-attitude signal Tu m’ (Duchamp’s last painting, 1918), but they do so by re-framing Tu m’ s over-determination towards an exit from painting itself, and instead, propose a constant re-entering into the medium and a re-evaluation of the notion of praxis. This exhibition will feature new and recent works of the denim series.