Ellie Omiya

“Secret Garden”

フォーチュン フラワーズ Fortune flowers 2017 acrylic on canvas 150.0 x 130.0 cm ©Ellie Omiya

Ellie Omiya’s work has the energy of life overflowing from the canvas and filling the space. As a creator she has various expressions, and her liberated imagination pushes the possibilities of art without any constraints.
This is Omiya’s first exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery, and features her latest work “Fortune flowers” as well as works presented at her exhibition in Towada Art Center as well as works that are being shown for the first time. Flowers, trees, and landscapes such as lakes are depicted vividly through the artist’s emotion, moving the viewer into active experiences beyond the mere act of looking. Omiya also often performs live painting with live music. She says, “My live drawings are stories. They continue and constantly develop.” Arising from a horizon on a canvas, they evoke tangible sensations such as the buzz of particular places; lights, and smells. Because they are direct representations of what is felt by the artist, they invite the viewer to a rich world of artistic resonances. The viewer can experience dense sensations directed toward the outer world.

This is a secret garden. I plan to make this small exhibition like that.
They evoke smells. The paintings are windows. The viewer can see various gardens and flowers from the windows.
Pure senses of plants and flowers. The energy of the sun.
Wind blowing. Please come to a room like that!
And I hope that you will be skipping on the way back. (Ellie Omiya)

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