Yuko Okazaki

“winged container”

©︎Yuko Okazaki

Born in 1976, Tokyo. After working in public relations at ISSEY MIYAKE INC., she became a pupil of ceramist Eiichi Morita. After 5 years of training she became independent, establishing her own ceramic studio at her home in Yokosuka City in 2007, and currently works within a beautiful landscape surrounded by sea and mountains.

In this her second solo exhibition at Tomio Koyama gallery, new works will be on display which make a return to her roots, the dragonfly vessels inspired by haguro dragonflies seen during her years of training which are representative of Okazaki’s work. “While patterns of wings spreading freely expand to suggest flight, they also resemble the net of a set trap. The time I draw the nets is also a time when I feel innocent and open without limits”. (introduction by the artist). Among the ceramic works resembling freely spread wings, Okazaki’s first try at making “Rakuwan” based on her own interpretation will also be presented.