Yuko Okazaki

“leaves and flowers series ceramics”

©︎Yuko Okazaki

Just as clear blue sky and fertile lands make us feel pleasantly airy and refreshing, viewers will find the same feelings towards Yuko Okazaki’s works.
The artist’s major works, dragonfly series, has been created by seeing a beautiful Ebony Jewelwing in Kasama as a trainee, expressing as if it flies over the purely white ceramic ware.
The motifs Okazaki embodies are bold and almost lively, viewers will be filled with artist’s fascination.

Okazaki’s works are best suitable for all occasions from daily usage, welcoming friends for a meal and providing all sizes and shapes. The artist herself would wish to give opportunities to give the owners to enjoy their lives through appreciating her masterpieces.

New works will be presented at this show, taking motifs from leaves and flowers. Okazaki this time firstly intorduce Slip Trailing to her works. Slip Trailing is a ceramic decoration technique, which soft clay is put in a bag and squeezed through a nozzle to produce designs with raised lines. Normally the lines are thin, giving fragile impression, however, the artist this time intentionally leaves some rough texture to the works, keeping a warm touch.

Okazaki describes this exhibition “actually starts from the fact that I have had broken an old sometsuke ceramic ware (porcelain decorated with blue underglaze degins) inherited from grandparents. Although the sometsuke ware will not come back again, I wanted to do something to give a new life. There was a flower motifs on that sometsuke, so I got an idea to draw the flower by tubelining onto my ceramic works. This results in a creation of new series, and the entire process also made my regrets towards the old sometsuke, sublimated into more thankful and positive feelings. My new works do not resemble the look of the old sometsuke, however they are created with my full respect towards Japanese traditional ceramic wares. This is the first exhibition I show this new series.”
Together with the new works, her dragonfly series will be displayed as well as various works including plates, bowls, cups, vase, in total of 150 titles.