Koji Nakazono

Koji Nakazono Exhibition

untitled, 2014  ©Koji Nakazono

The year after he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Koji Nakazono had his first solo exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery in 2013, where he presented portraits, paintings that captured various scenes and new installation works. Nakazono makes works free of the bounds of convention, using a whole range of approaches and techniques. The flickering motif of his picture plane will all of a sudden unite, seeming to arrive as the fixed image of a painting, and then a second time begin to flicker and waver again with the feeling of a free sense of adventure. Beautiful as individual paintings in themselves, each one of these artworks is richly imbued with Nakazono’s exalted artistic sense. When assembled together, they make manifest a rich visual scenery. New paintings will be on view at this second solo exhibition.

Koji Nakazono was born in 1989, Kanagawa, Japan. In 2012, he received his BA degree in oil painting from Tokyo University of the Arts and currently he lives and works in Saitama. Nakazono was awarded the Judge’s Prize (Tomio Koyama) and the Audience Prize at “Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2012”. In the upcoming July, his work will be featured in a group exhibition entitled “The Way of Painting” held at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery.

  • untitled, 2014  ©Koji Nakazono