Installation view from “rise” at Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, 2009 ©Keisuke Yamamoto

Keisuke Yamamoto creates drawings, paintings, and wooden sculptures. His works consist of trees, plants, fungi, and small fairy-like dolls formed by organic lines joined to realize a single form. The divisions allow our eyes to freely wander over the flat surface, filled with colored spaces that resemble flowers and insects, serve as the sky, or an enormous forest that is home to hidden creatures.
The sculptures also resemble items from a forest, allowing the impression to spread and pervade the gallery. All works compare beginning and now in complicated forms that melt together in an intimate motif. “Creating art involves wandering in a bottomless world. Having realized that, I must include that in my work,” Yamamoto said. True to his words the works include unseen aspects and exist as fragments of a world of uncertainty.

The exhibition features new paintings and a wooden sculpture, some measuring nearly five-meters tall. It will consist of about thirty parts representing faces, plants or mysterious decorative patterns, dazzling the audience with mass looking like a wooden palace. The exhibition title rise relays his thoughts about the creative process;

“One of the most important sense in my works is to rise. Sometimes it tangles and reflects each other, and then collapse; I manage to build it up but there must be some reaction. The more essential it is, the more difficult it is to rise.” ( Keisuke Yamamoto)

Artist Profile

Keisuke Yamamoto

Keisuke Yamamoto was born in 1979 in Tokyo. After graduating from the department of Sculpture of Tokyo Zokei University in 2001 he stayed at the university as a research student until 2003. In 2018 he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture. He currently lives and works in Kanagawa. This show at Tomio Koyama Gallery is his sixth solo exhibition, and his major group exhibitions include “VOCA 2008” (2008, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo), “Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art” (2009, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, traveled to several international museums), “Twist and Shout: Contemporary Art from Japan” (2009, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre), and “Nostalgia and Fantasy: Imagination and Its Origins in Contemporary Art” (2014, National Museum of Art, Osaka). His work is collected by the National Museum of Art, Osaka and international private collections.