Masahiko Kuwahara

In the End of Summer

その後 After That 2000 oil on canvas 45.5 × 65.3 cm ©Masahiko Kuwahara


The works of Masahiko Kuwahara reflect the oddities of the modern world that we occupy now. These are reflected in the strange creatures that inhabit stagnant urban ponds, the pig that finds it has been half-cured, and a multitude of beings that have never been seen before. Other examples include the nameless models, which grace advertisements in magazines and leaflets; this is a world where all images have been consumed and low-prices reign, where sacred beauty, wrapped in sorrow, remains hidden.
The modern urban-dweller’s sense of empty loneliness is depicted occasionally as humorous motifs in gentle colors, as if to offer some form of salvation.


This exhibition introduces landscape paintings made between 1996 and 2001.
“pink beach” (1996) conjures images of shell hunting, as seen in the simple shells that have been washed ashore. “after that” (2000) presents a abstract field with lush plants. “green field” presents a vacant field that rises above the city landscape.